Secret Behavior


Secret Behavior is a contemporary art publication focused on the human condition. It is made by empassioned human beings who are on a mission to reveal what might otherwise stay hidden; who intend to sit and stare at truths and experiences that often just vanish. Secret Behavior is full of feelings, flesh, fucking and other normal things. It celebrates beauty, ugliness, desire, mystery and solitude, and recognizes our common and uncommon mental states, physical forms and sexual experiences. 

Secret Behavior is the vision of NYC-based artist and curator James Gallagher. With the simple idea of producing a physical continuation of his Tumblr The Secret Behavior of Human Beings, Gallagher has created a high-quality publication that is full of intimate beauty and raw emotion. This powerful publication reflects his desire for depth and realness in art and literature while fulfilling his need to take his curatorial adventures into the realm of paper and ink.  Editors: Keith Newton, Mike Newton and Morgan Taylor

Secret Behavior is distributed by D.A.P., one of the world’s most respected art publication distributors, and can be found in some of the most prestigious and cutting-edge contemporary art stores the world over. With its elevated paper and printing quality and timeless content, Secret Behavior is being sold, bought and cherished like an art book. Here are a few of the places you can find a copy... MoMA, PS1, New Museum, MoCA, Walker Art Center, Tate Modern, Museum of Sex, Strand, agnes b, Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Mast Books, Dashwood, Printed Matter, Rough Trade and Do You Read Me.