Secret Behavior


Secret Behavior is an annual contemporary art publication focused on the human condition. It is made by impassioned human beings who are on a mission to reveal what might otherwise stay hidden; who intend to sit and stare at truths and experiences that often just vanish. Secret Behavior is full of feelings, flesh, fucking and other normal things. It celebrates beauty, ugliness, desire, mystery and solitude, and recognizes our common and uncommon mental states, physical forms and sexual experiences. 





The third issue of Secret Behavior revolves around the theme of Exhibitionism. It will feature an empowering display of the female genitalia in Nicola Canavan’s Raising The Skirt, a personal glimpse into the intimate world of one of tumblr's coolest couples, plus tons of powerful art, poetry and fiction.

Featuring: Aneta Bartos, Shane Book, Paul Burgess, Elijah Burgher, Julia Cohen, Sara Cwyar, Jen Davis, Benjamin Fredrickson, Robert Heinecken, Matthias Herrmann, Philippe Jusforgues, Maria Lassnig, Sergey Melnitchenko, Jeremy Sigler and many more.

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The second issue of Secret Behavior focuses on the intimate moments of family life as seen through the eyes of exciting new talent. The extremely personal subject matter generates work that is loaded with emotion... birth, childhood, death and divorce will all be explored in this issue. It is an enlightening and haunting look into the private lives of families that you will not soon forget.

Featured in Secret Behavior Issue 02: Kostas Anagnopoulos, Tom Andes, Morton Bartlett, Lisa Blair, James Brett, Nicola Canavan, John Clang, Victor Cobo, Marilène Coolens & Lisa De Boeck, Jonathan Durbin, TR Ericsson, Farrah Field, Jason Glasser, Nicolai Howalt, Susanna Howe, Rachel Kash, Brian Kenny, Erik Kessels, Eugene Lim, Malerie Marder, Myriam Meloni, Keith Newton, Jason Porter, Jana Romanova, Amanda Ross Ho, Juliana Sabinson, Mathias Svalina, André Viking, Jack Webb, Eric White

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The inaugural issue of Secret Behavior focuses on the subject of Anonymity. In this issue the body becomes a mystery, leaving plenty to the imagination.

Featured in Secret Behavior Issue 01: Gabriel Martinez, Miroslav Tichý, Paul Kooiker, Jesper Fabricius, Marco Ugolini, Dan Gluibizzi, James B. Franklin, Kerstin Drechsel, Balint Zsako, Christopher Davison, Josh Cochran, Mike Perry, Heidi Johansen, Cass Bird, Slava Mogutin, Jordan Sullivan, Carrie Levy, Catherine Lacey, Bianca Stone, Jeremy Sigler, Tina Brown Celona, Morgan Taylor, Paige Taggart, Jessica Baran, Jared White, Francesca Seravalle

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