Secret Behavior


"A magazine that celebrates sex, beauty, desire and the mysteries of the human condition."
Italian GQ Online 08/08/14


"It’s not suitable for work, but mostly on account of the feels."
New York Magazine 12/17/14


"A beautiful art publication that falls somewhere on the spectrum between a magazine and a book, Secret Behavior is “full of feelings, flesh, fucking and other normal things.”
Kickstarter"s Best Publishing Projects 2014 12/08/14


"The new nude magazines are bought by people who also buy beautiful interior and fashion magazines, and embrace a certain nostalgia for the exposure from the pre-Internet era, when they themselves were too young for dirty books."
NRCQ 06/01/14


"A space where different sexual identities and sexual preferences are explored and expressed, there is room for admiration, appreciation, and respect."
Poetry New York 04/29/14


"Secret Behavior uncovers deeper interpretations of sexuality with striking imagery."  "The juxtaposition of collages, photographs and other artworks is masterly, forming a visual essay around the issue’s theme of anonymity."
Print Magazine 02/01/14


"When I got a hold of a copy at your launch party, afterwards I sat down and read it from cover to cover. I’ve got to say, it’s really ballsy man! It’s super out there! It’s interesting how it’s being picked up by all these mainstream curators, such as MoMA PS1."
The Lab Magazine 12/05/13


"New, weird, sexual."  McNally Jackson 11/11/13


"New York based collage artist and curator, James Gallagher did what many of us would love to do (but nobody does): turned his obsessions, interest and likes into a solid, bold and refreshing (plus really intense and dark at the same time) magazine."
The Weird Show 09/19/13